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Hi guys, and welcome to the world of a naughty southern girl! I’ll be posting here all sorts of things about me and my wild sexual adventures. I am a full time phone sex girl so if you see something here that gets your cock hard why not pick up that phone and give me a call. It’s only $1.99 per minute discreetly charged to your major credit card. Who know you just might inspire me to write something here! Don’t forget to visit my web site at

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sunday is a day for sucking

My weekend has been kinda lonly..I havent heard for any of my favorite phone friends. The only guy that has made himself known the past two days is some crazy litte man who keeps anoying me and calling over and over again. I did make a new friend "Officer Wyatt" I had fun with you Saturday morning could you CUM interrogate me again please I think I have been a very bad girl?? And hey Photo guy please call me back I am sorry I missed you lover...I am really wanting to play.
My "phone sex life" has been very lonly lately and I am starting to get extereamly horney so if your reading this please call..866-312-5530 and help a girl out I am really needing a good romp. I think I will go take a shower and and play abit..I love the feel of the hot water rushing over my tight body..mmmmmm oh honey I got to go..I am in a naughty mood and need to play. Later Gator

Friday, October 22, 2004

Fuck Me Friday

Well I had 4 classes today..... so I didnt get my daily dose of phone sex.. so I am very horney now. I have got to remember to schedule a break in there from now on so I can CUM home and get me some..... I have just took a nice hot shower and I am all smooth and shaved and soft and sweet smelling....Just laying here waiting for the phone to ring. If this phone dont start ringing I am going to pull out ol' faithful and give him a ride.... did I rember to get new batteries?? Yeah I think so. Well I think I will go play. Night...if ya get bored or lonly just give me a call......866-312-5530... Make sure your in the mood cuz I am hot and ready for a nasty dose of phone fucking!! xxoo Later Gator,

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thursday's a fun day for sex

Well I was abit lazy this week , I just layed around playing waiting for the phone to ring. I did do some studing for the tests I have tomrrow..... I am very excited about my fave caller calling me today..... I just love phone sex!!!!! His sexy voice in my eat telling me all the sexy hot stuff he wants to do to me..mmmmmmm Since I dont have much time for a love life my phone sex guys are my sex life. I am such a slut latly cuz I want them all to call me.... so I can just play all day. I just cant seem to get satisfied.. the more I CUM the more I want.So if your reading this......and you know who you are call me and tell me how you want to do me.... or call me and tell me how you are going to train me to be a VERY good girl!!! Oh goodness I am ready to go play agian.... If you dont know me yet check out my pics @ or just phone me to hear my sweet southern drawl @ 1-866-312-5530 Later gator!!! xxoo Kisses and wet dreams xxoo Shelby

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It was storming ....

Sorry for everyone who couldnt get through to me last night, it was storming very badly so I turned off the phone around 2 am . I dont like to talk on the phone during a thunder storm. So if I missed you I am sorry and please feel free to call me back... I hate missing calls.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Wow I had a busy weekend

Saturday I went to my little brothers soccer game, they won and he scored 4 goals. I screamed till my throat was should have seen me jumping up and down...... the coach of the other team kept losing his train of thought..heheheh Then Jamie and I went shopping at the craft fair..I bought some of the yummiest bath salts they smell like egypian musk. If you dont already know I too pretty much took all night off to go and party... which is something I havent done since I move to the new house.... and have fun we did... thee was dancing on the bar and bras coming off !! We where wild!!!! And the local boys where eating it up....every cock in the place was hard just for us... and Have our pick we did ..mmmmm boy that was some wild fun.Sunday was our day to recuperate we did nothing but lay around naked in bed all day,watch movies ,eat p.....ummm pizza.... you should have seen the pizza guys face when we answered the door together... and asking him to choose his tip...hehehehe I have had so much fun this weekend I wish It wasnt back to the normal everyday school life but theres just one more week till holloween weekend and I will be taking afew days off for a weekend holiday... I will miss you all but I will have lots of tales to tale when I get back.... I decided to give Jamie my naughty police woman outfit and I am going to be a hula girl with a coconut bra.....I cant wait it will be such a blast... well I better get some rest for now night night!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Whew had a very busy week 10/14/04

Wensday: Today I had alot of school work to get done and afew test I am pretty sure I aced them. I am pretty tired between the phone ringing and studing I could sure use some real stress relief.Thursday: Well today started off sucky... my mom called and my family dog "munchkin" is very sick..we had her since I was very young shes 14 yrs old. We left her at the vets but its pretty clear she wont make it... it just breaks my heart. I loved her so much she was my buddy for most of my life :( I am so bummed today.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Just amother mantic Monday

Well my weekend was fun. Not alot of action..but just enough. I went and got my Holloween costum yesterday at Party City.. I am going to be a police woman..handcuffs and all!! Heeeee I cooked the best dinner yesterday I made chicken and dressing and fried corn,and aspergus. I love to cook!! I must say I am the perfect girl I love to cook , fuck, and sucking. And I am one hot litte chick. I got my daily dose of submissive training today now my pussy is throbbing to be fucked and sucked. I had a busy day at school and I am tired today.. I need to get afew calls so I can destress. Well I am going to rest for now! Later

Sunday, October 10, 2004

My wild weekend 10/10/04

Friday was boring... no one called to play with me so I had to go tobed so horny. Saturday made up for it... I was called by my master and got a good a good dose of trainning. I am starting to really get into this I love all the naughty sexy things he does to me. MMMMM my hot little pussy is getting all wet thinking about it. I went to my nephews birthday party and ran into an old family friend he and I grew up together.. I was always so hot for him and yesterday after my trainning my pussy was throbbing.. so when the moment was right as the kiddies where pounding at the Pinata with a hard stick I was getting my own pounding with a hard rod in the bathroom...oooohhhhhhh. He clamped his hand over my mouth as I started to scream from extasy. Then that nightit was my weekend ritual.. Jamie and I went out to dinner and flirted our way through the meal as ever man in the place had there eyes on us as we would casually touch.. arms grazing ,we'd lean in and whisper a naughty little secret and then burst out with giggles..our breasts would touch and thrills of extasy shot up my pussy, we could bearly contain our passion as we opend the door and fell inside peeling off our clothes starting at the door..MMMMM we where hot and heavy into it when she pulled out the dildo for some really hot fucking while she licked and sucked me to the most powerful orgasam.... mmmmmm whew I better go take a cold shower now just telling you about it has me really worked up... I think I will go play for a bit.... Later

Thursday, October 07, 2004

10/4 thru 10/6

Whew. I have been a very busy girl.. Monday was semi busy.. I got lots of calls from some of my fave guys Hank, Scott and Kevin had me so hot. I was diddling all day with my wet little pussy.. I had to go out on the prowl and find one of my boy toys for some hot fucking...mmmm I love the feel of that big cock slamming in my tight pussy YES I love HARD COCK. Tuesday: I had a really hot romp with Jamie tonight god I love to eat her sweet little pussy. I love to feel her hands in my hair and burry my face..MMMMMMMM Pussy does a body good!!!! Wed: I got so hot during my submissive training I got out my big dildo and set it up on the bed while I hovered over it on my knees and really fucked my pussy good.. I am so sure the guy next door could hear me screaming in extasy... I am off to class to get educated and tease my professors..hehehehe I am suck a naughty girl.. dont you want to cum spank me?? Later Gator xxoo Shelby

Sunday, October 03, 2004

About last night...Recap of Saturday nite..

Oh what a night .. Jamie and I got all "gussied" up and went out on the town... We started at our fave Italian eatery.. For pasta and wine.. And a little flirting with the the locals... The older men go wild over us giggling casually touching eachother LOL....... The to a kicking little supper club for more drinks and dancing... We love to get out there and dance with one another...It drives the guys wild. And ofcourse I love to dance with Jamie..bumping and grinding against her tight little body. HHHmmmmm. We did meet 2 very sexy guys who bought us more drinks and held us close when we danced....This ofcourse led to some really heavy petting in the corner...mmmmmm my guy was so manly if you know what I mean... We'll I am still recovering from those AppleTini's so I am going to rest till my phone starts to ring.. And I get all turned on again... Jaime will be home later and we may just have to tumble around for a bit... mmmmmmm

Saturday, October 02, 2004

F*** M* Friday

Well I was a very bad girl today.... I went to my English Lit Lecture with no panties on again. And sat in my usual seat... 3rd row center... just where the professor has to look right up my skirt as he speaks. I love it when he realizes he is staring right up my skirt to my smooth little pussy all hot and wet. He gets all flustered ,starts ajusting his tie and stammoring out his words as I start tracing the inside of my thigh with the tips of my nails..hehehehe I could see his cock get instantly hard... it made me so wet I had to ditch my next lecture and go home... When I got there DM called and we got all hot and steamy on the phone... by the time I hung up my hot little box was just throbbing I had to get out my toy and really pound at it for almost 30 mins... I kept wishing the phone would ring again or my roommate would come home... Oh my pussy was so wet. Finally I couldnt stand it anylonger all my diddling just made it worse I wad to go find some cock ASAP... I went by one of my favorite fuck buddys and told him I really need to get laid..he was more than happy to take care of my needs..... he didnt even mind thatwhile he was licking my hot wet box I was calling out DM's name... (sorry baby you the one who kept talking about how I needed my pussy ate)Well I left there feeling really refreshed .. I went to my fave spot and picked up some dinner... then I went and rented that DVD " The girl Next Door" that was a great movie... and me and my roommate cuddled up and watched movies and ate dinner.I have to rest up tonight cuz tomrrow is party night!!! I have a appt. at the salon in the AM...ohhh I love it Jen always washes my hair first...mmmmmmmm I cant wait to feel her fingers in my hair...mmm oh it makes me so hot...Enough of that I need some sleep...Later Gator!!Sweet dreams and Cum back soon!!


JRW if you read this thanks for the pic your such a hottie... you can cum play with me whenever you like...I hope you like the little red thongs I sent you.Well I better get to bed and get some sleep I need my bueaty rest. Night Night!!