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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


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I just handed over a 27 page lab report. Tomorrow I have 2 pages of math to hand in and on Wednesday I have to hand over four entries on "words, words, words", then on top of that I also have to turnover a paper on semiotics, and to top it all off I have another lab due on Monday. I am stressed and need more PHONESEX!!! You guys dont realize how important my PHONESEX calls are to my mental health it keeps me stress free during all my school work. Dont ya'll feel special?? So please call 866-312-5530 and help a girl out!!!! Also for the next week anyone who emails me with there mailing addy will recieve a special christmas pic and holiday card from me!! so E-mail me at.. Later Gators!!!!! xxoo Shelby~

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Oh my goodness what a nice cock

I just had to write before going back to bed.... Jaime and I just got such a thrill..We love our PHONE SEX but tonight it was kicked up a knotch...We got to see this hot guy with a huge cock jack off for did it make us hot.... After we watched him shoot his hot load WHICH WAS QUIT A LOAD IT WAS EVERY WHERE... I have never saw a man cum that much it must have been a gallon!!! We went and got busy...It was a lick feast..Mm Thanks J. For making our night...So if any more of you horney guys want to show off your stuff while having PHONE SEX with me feel free I will cum with you while I watch!!!!!! Call me anytime..866-312-5530...And check out my pics at CUM see me soon and we will have a Ball or two.

Friday, November 19, 2004


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Thursday, November 18, 2004


This week school has been busy.. taking alot of test getting ready for the holiday break. I am doing very week I have 3 B's 1 A and a C....So I am very proud...Jamie dosent know I know she is planning me a really cool slumber party that weekend to celebrate my good grades..heheh but i overheard.... I cant wait this is going to be a coed sleepover and I am hoping it turns into a real FUCK FEST!!! It has been very slow this week as far as my phone sex goes..but I have has some very intersting new who just loved the way I moaned while I sucked him to an earth shattering orgasam. Then theres lets call him Romeo he had his favorite fantasy all worked out ..he called and asked to email it to me and then call back after I read it...WOW!!! Let me tell you he was hot..I was an high school classmate he hadent seen in years till he open the pages of the recent he called and wanted to hear all about the photo shoot...while I talked I could hear him stroking his hard cock...Oh he really came hard...and so did I....And ofcourse theres my little sissy boy who I like to give it to him from behind if ya know what I mean...well yesterday he wanted to lick me and oh did I cum...Phone Sex isso much fun...I wish My phone would ring 10-20 times a day...I would be one happy girl...I love to CUM!!!!! So why dont you call and have phone sex with me today??/ 866-312-5530 also check out my hot pics at

Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday Monday.....

I spent the weekend in bed with the flu......the good thing about it Jamie was ny nurse and I am feeling some what I think I will need to give Jamie a big wet Kiss as thanks.Thats the great part about phone relieves stress and I am pretty sure it made me feel better too.Ofcourse all the laying in the bed naked didnt hurt either. But I am feeling better and I am very happy for that and am looking forward to a new week of hot phone sex calls and some wild romps in real time too if possiable....check out my pics at and then call me and let me know if you think I'd have a problem getting laid.......866-312-5530..... hugs and kisses!!

Monday, November 08, 2004


My weekend was pretty uneventful alot of hosework and the occasional welcome interuption for phone sex some of my fave guys.. know who you are. Calling me for some hot romps and exciting phone sex.And some new guys called too.. like the hottie from Tx who wanted to hear me get off with my viberator..his strong sexy voice really did it to me mmmmmmm..or the guys wanting me to be my very young giggly self with an appatite for alot of Hot fucking and sucking fun!!Oh and todays Monday and I had my favorite caller today at just the right time...I was so horney and ready for a take charge Phone sex caller who used me and instructed me to earth shaking orgasm. As he instructed me up on my knees with pillow between my leggs and to plung my viberator deep into both my ass and my wet dripping pussy I almost exploded..thank you baby I came so well..Call again soon...866-312-5530..I love all my phone fucks....whos next???

Thursday, November 04, 2004


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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Its Hump Day

Well we are waiting to see who the new Prez will be... Guys are all stressed out over it so I am sure after its over ya'll guys will need to release some pent up stress PHONE SEX is the perfect stress reliever.hehehehe am I being selfish?? Okay I admit it my pussy is throbbing and needs to be fucked.....Dont you want to CUM with me??? I havent been laid in over a week and I need it now!!!! Sorry I have becum adicted to PHONE SEX..I need it daily several times a call me so I can destress us both 1-866-312-5530... and dont forgit to pull up my pics at I hate being so horney....Please call me and tell me how you want to FUCK my hot wet pussy.....dont you want to bend me over and slide a hard cock in my tight ass?? OH goodness I need Phone Sex now!!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Sorry for my absents

Well all the drama is over and its time to get back at it.. I have missed all my sexy phone sex guys :( I am so looking forward to my phone ringing again... so if youve forgotten my number is : 866-312-5530..... and dont forget to pull up my pictures to play Its been a week of no phone sex and I am so horney I am going to burst.... I did swing by the toy store and buy me a nice new toy to play with... why dont you call me and we'll see how well it works.Phone sex is alot more fun with toys... do you have any???