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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sorry guys have ya missed me???

Hello all my PHONE SEX friends. I know you have been missing me ... but quit a few of you ghave kept me very busy the past few days... Sunday 12/26 I had so much Phone sex fun!!! That I got to cum every few hours.... and Rob that hot guy who was sucking his own dick...ohhh yeah he was so horney that I got to do him twice within afew hours....Hey Rob didnt you love taking a bath with me????Hearing the water splashing over my tight hot body as I played with my smooth pussy...oh goodness I am getting wet again. I want to give aspecial thanks to my sweeties who gave me holiday tips... Thanks John I got a double treat watching you stroke that hard cockand you gave me a nice little cash gift so I could buy a new SEX TOY or some sexy undies. And Phil I am glad you enjoyed your holiday pic so much you gave me some extra $$$$ to spoil me just a bit. All my PHONE SEX Guys are so hot and I love you all!!! And for the guys who read my blog and love my daily tales of hot I get some tail..heheheh thanks for reading.Why dot ya give me a holler and give me a try...PHONE SEX is fun...and I love to make you cum...while I cum with you... I am the girl who makes you the center of my world while your on the line so Cum call me soon...866-312-5530 and check out my pics at and for those who want to give me a belated holiday gift... I also have pay pal... Well guys my pussy is getting wet as the phone is starting to ring I got to go play.....PHONE SEX IS SO HOT!!!!!! Lator Gator!!! ~xxoo Shelby

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Oh what a night....

Last night I had a blast I had girls over and we had the most awsome group PHONE SEX call. We all sat and watch J. stroke his big hard cock for us and blow his massive load all over. OMG my pal Tonya was so hot for him I thought she was going to crawl through the phone.If you think Phone Sex is fun you should try stroking it on cam for a room full of horney college girls...right J> did ya have fun baby??? Hope you enjoy that christmas special!!!I love to reward all my regular Phone sex callers with special deal and holiday discounts. And I have special offers for you new guys too if you just ask for it. Phone sex is such a stress relief from all the holiday stress. So do something nice for your self and call me for some hot Phone sex .... maybe you want to bre dressed up like my friend "Robin" with her new 32 DD breast and made to suck and fuck all my she male friends?
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merry christmas!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Santas naughty little helper goes peeping

Okay my latest fave caller J yall rember him hes the one with the huge cock who squirted for Jamie an me on cam well he called again ofcourse I enjoyed the show with my PHONE SEX but Jamie pouted cuz she didn't get to watch... And my two girlfriends Karen and Trish are coming over this weekend to watch him shoot his big load while I have Phone sex with him!! He has got something started now cuz my little naughty panty thief BG has now started cumming on cam for me too... my boys are getting bad bad bad and I love it!!!!! I need to give a shout out to D in NY thanks for calling honey and two days in a row.... must have really enjoyed the Christmas card I sent huh??? I do love our Hot role play phone sex baby!!! Also thanks D in Vegas thanks for calling me back baby glad you liked your Christmas card...Mm yes I would love one back with your pic....Phone sex and pics oh yes!!!! I am sure some of you horny litte ( or Big hehehe) Phone sex fans are wondering how do I get my own personal Christmas card and special PIC of the sexy Shelby??? Well honey you can either go to my site and email me with your request include your name and mailing addy and while your on my page don't forget to vote for me on the top phone sex link or you can call me for some hot Phone sex fun at 866-312-5530 so call soon and well cummmmm together!! xxoo Shelby

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today is Hump day!!!!

Yeepppiiieee All my favorite guys called me today my hot little cunt is just dripping wet from all the exciting PHONE SEX I love it when D from Vegas and B from Kansas ..and both where back to back so I had just got through when I got to start all over again!!!!And ofcourse theres my secret very confidential caller Hes so secertive I just call him MI was the sitter for his son and he gave me 100.00 for a 30.00 fee andI didnt have change so I got to keep the money if I sucked his cock... mmmm I was a very naughty girl and I sucked it...mmmmmm it was fun!!! I have made out my christmas wish list so if youve called me and you love me.... I would like something special from my favorite PHONE SEX check out my list!! and while your at it check out my pics befor you call and give me a call 866-312-5530 for some reall nasty phone fun....Later Gator my phone is ringing its time for some naughty PHONE SEX !!!!