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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What fun I have been having....

Today I played with "uncle Bill" he taught me how to be a dirty girl It was so fun and I was so wet.. Phone sex rocks yesterday I was CS's submissive little slave girl and he really gave it to me good..he even made me fuck myself with a high heel shoe.. Phone sex fantasies with him are so erotic and make me CUM so hard. paul called me Monday and Tuesday to relive his childhood love he must really like my Phone sex stories. After Paul the phone was finally quiet and I took the chance and really FUCKED Jamie good...her sweet pussy was so wet and jucie..I must say real time sex is great but without Phone sex Jamie would get fired and I would flunk out of school. When it CUMMS to sex I cant get enough. Oh yeah Hey to Joey up on the MT. you really are so sweet. And Joe my new drinking buddy...Thanks for keeping me company while I got really fucked up!!!! Call me anytime guys 866-312-5530..and for anyone who hasent called me today and is reading this... Dont you think its time to call me so we can PLAY I love Phone sex fun!!

Friday, January 21, 2005

its the weekend again

Well fellows its been a slow week for my PHONE SEX FUN. So I am very horney today.. poor Jamie is infor it tonight. I have had my daily masterbation with my Phone sex guys so I am verrrryyy horney. I got to get some relief tonight even though I know tomorrow night the frat party will be really rocking. It will be fuck fuck fuck everywhere..I cant wait. But in the mean time i guess i will just have to lick Jamies sweet little pussy...mmmm!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hump day news

I have been working hard the past 2 days studing so now I am ready for some PHONE SEX so guys get your didcks and your credit cards ready. I had a hot weekend just laying around and getting freaky with Jamie. I am ready to go out and find some dick!!!Phone sex is all I have time for right now :( I really wish I had a hard cock right now. Maybe I will go talk to my english lit professor and see if I can make his dick hard. Phone sex is fun and it can serve just as good of a why dont you call me 866-312-5530 and pics here

Friday, January 14, 2005

Are you ready for the weekend??

Hey guys My week has been great lots of hot PHONE SEX and some really cool new callers along with my regulars. CT was a very hot College professor..37 and sexually adventurous I cant wait for our next call so I can really CUM hard again! To bad he isn't my professor, it could be fun to negotiate my grades with him. Then there's my fave new PERV Mike he is a real nasty COCK sucking cum slut at his local adult book store and loves to tell me all about it. I also met Joey a hot country boy who love to chat and then Pump my hot pussy till we both CUM> Then there's Papa Don (that's my pet name for him) who loves to lick my land of enchantment till I CUM the he fucks me really good. Isn't PHONE SEX fun? My master Clay called me this week for my submissive training..Oh was I really wet and satisfied by the time we where through guys what new and exciting PHONE SEX fantasies can you share with me?? Well for my weekend adventures Jaime and I had a spat this morning so I cant wait till she gets home today so we can have makeup sex..And if she's still in a [pissy mood I will just strap on my big hard cock and grudge fuck her good. And if she doesn't go for that I may just tie her to the bed and make her watch me fuck the cute BIB COCK neighbor..That should teach her not to be a bitch !! What do you think?? Well why don't ya call me for some hot PHONE SEX 866-312-5530 and don't forget to pull up my pics to jack off to Rember I am very grateful if you vote f0r me at phonesex centeral

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Whew is it hot in here??

Its the second week in January and I am sitting here naked at my puter ... Its so hot in here I can feel the sweat dripping down between by supple breast and I really need some stress relief I need some horney guy with a hard cock to call for some nasty PHONE week has been very busy .. My work load at school is very heavy right now so I am so look forward for every PHONE SEX CALL it gives me an excuse to stop studying and also offers some much needed stress relief. This week alone I have been DADDIES LITTLE GIRL, THE NASTY SLUT NEXT DOOR SELLING CANDY BARS, AND A GOOD LITTLE SUBMISSIVE. I am so looking forward to a new week of hot PHONE SEX calls with wild and raunchy fantasies. I would love to be forced to go down on my hot professor and his sultry wife. Or maybe being GANG BANGED by the football team. Or maybe some of you hot guys have some very naughty fantasies.... PHONE SEX is fun and it relieves stress and I love to get off with a different guy every day...So call me and Lets PLAY!!!! 866-312-5530 call me anytime I will be waiting. Also check out my sexy pics at: Let me know which one is your favorite.. Later gator!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

what a weekend....

Wow I have had a totally awsome weekend..all the famliy that was visiting went home on fridayand once again Jamie and I where able to be alone and get really wild. Phone sex was my only outlet for a whole week... I really lovePhone sex but after a week of diddling I really needed my pussy ate... and something hard inside of me..and as all my loyal phone sex guys know..we dont do dildos.. I need the real deal or nothing!! So when Jamie returned home I had just had a really hot phone sex session and was all ready for her hot little probing tounge. We rolled and licked for afew hours and then we took a nap.... at about 10 pm we decided it was New years eve so we really need to go on the prowl for some stiff cock action.We really slutted it up for the adventure... me in my tight black leather mini and leapord tank ( undernieth was a very lacey black bra and thongs.. paired with black thich high stockings (lace topped) and long black boots that show of my calves and make my ass look 2 inches higher. Jamie was in a slinky silver slip dress and matching red lacy bra and thongs... white thigh highs and very sexy strappy silver heels. We showed up ready to rock... scopped out our pray... 2 very sexy macho redneck guys who where together and already close to being drunk.... we set in for the kill.. giggling and flirting while we rub and touched eachother as well as them.. we drank and danced just luring them deeper into out less than 2 hours of teasing them like crazy we where unlocking the door to a hotel room ..with only one king size bed (she smiles coyly) were inside we start to peel our of our sluty outfits and start kissing.. both eachother and the guys... and when were sure they are really ready to fuck us...we tell them theres just one catch befor they do...... they have to 69 and suck eachother off first! Oh MY we thought they where going to run but then they looked at us half naked and kissing.. and they looked at eachother and oh hell they started sucking eachother off... we only where going to make them do it for a few mins. but they really got into it.. we had to break them up so they could fuck us... and fuck us they did for hours we all fucked and sucked and had some of the hotest sex...... MMMMMMM!!! And it was a very Happy New year here!!!
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