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Hi guys, and welcome to the world of a naughty southern girl! I’ll be posting here all sorts of things about me and my wild sexual adventures. I am a full time phone sex girl so if you see something here that gets your cock hard why not pick up that phone and give me a call. It’s only $1.99 per minute discreetly charged to your major credit card. Who know you just might inspire me to write something here! Don’t forget to visit my web site at

Monday, February 21, 2005

My hot weekend in the music city

leave it to my sexy guys...ya'll left me be all week then as I was leaving for my holiday I had call after call all weekend...oh such PHONE SEX fun I did have. And Bernie I wished you'd have called me right back...I was waiting in the hot tub for you..hehehehe. Steve and I had a wild PHONE SEX romp in the parking lot of the mall..mmmm it was fun and the guy in the van next to me got quit an eye full. Hey for the guy in the white van at the mall in nashville the one who watched me fuck myself to a earth shaking orgasm with Steve you can feel free to call..866-312-5530 I'll take good care of you.
Jamie and I had a blast Friday night we went drinking in the piano bar... we had our fun with two older gents in the corner...sorry we got CUM on your tie BO ...then we started drinking with the hot piano player and we ended up in her room for quit the adventure..I didnt know 3 girls could do that. It was a total lick fest. Saturday night after hours of shopping Jamie and I went for a sauna and came back to the room to get ready to go out. We where feeling abit hungery so we orderes room service and we liked the guy who delivered it so much we rang him back up for dessert and he got a really good tip. Rob is your cock still throbbing??
After he left Jamie just wasnt through so we rented a inhouse porno and played follow the leader with the girls on the flick. When I pulled out the new strap on Jamie gladly climbed on and rode me like a cow girl. OH what fun we had on our weekend in the music city. There was as much real time sex as PHONE 866-312-5530 for your own roll with a wild girl named Shelby and if ya call at just the right time jamie might play too.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hump day update....

I am having the time of my life my vaentine day was great. I really enjoyed all the things I recieved and loved the cards and calls from my guys. If you didnt call me then shame on you but I do except belated gifts LOL!!!
I had to spread my celabration out over 3 days cuz there isnt enough time in the day to satisfy all my boy and girlfriends. Jamie and I have such fun arranging my sexual romps around our own excapades. When she got tired and needed a rest shed say okay Call Paul and go fuck him, or you supose to meet Tom at the bar ...and I sucked him in the mens room. It didnt all have to be about romance for me. As long as I got gifts they got sex and the better the gifts the better the sex. And I got alot of both..College is soooo fun!!!!
Phone sex was slow I guess my guys decided to get it real time. We thats over now so CUM on guys call. 866-312-5530
I got pics too for anyone who dosent know me yet as the most amazing PHONE SEX goddess around.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Woo Hoo its Hump day!!

Hi all its getting that time of year where I get so busy with school that I have to sneak off and be a bad girl just to unwind...and my fave way is PHONE SEX I just love all my guys ..Tony the love tiger really had me going the other day.... and "daddy" Bill and I played naughty games and I was daddys good girl. Last night I was Paul's "Cassie" and we where young and not so innocent.. but it was great PHONE SEX fun and my pussy got so wet.This past weekend Steve and I partied and had great foot fetish PHONE SEX. Thomas my big black stud loves his PHONE SEX fashion show and sexy sluty clothes. I have been having some very HOT virtual fun. I have been working to hard at school and havent had time to have alot of fun this week except for the FUN with Jamie..she is always up for some horney fun.Why dont you call me..and we will play 866-312-5530 I have pics for you to see here>> and if you email me at: IO will send you a special pic just for you!!

LOTS of Kisses and PHONE SEX till next time@@

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sorry so late guys..whew what a weekend!!

Well Jamie and I decided we really need some fun after a week of school and Friday after a long dinner and drinks..thensome clubbing.. You should have seen me jumping up and running to the restroom to have some hot phone sex about every hour. My panties where so wet and stuck to my pussy after all the fingerin I was doing in the ladies room. My tight jeans where sucked up to my pussy and I was drippin. By the time we got home at 3 am Jamie was so horney from standing gard at the door while I did phone sex calls all night that she was ripping my clothes off befor I could get the keys out of the door. We fucked over and over till the sun was cuming up. We colappsed in deep restful sleep. I want to than Peter,Paul and, Bill for those hot restroom sessions that helped get me laid. Phone sex Rocks!!!! Why dont you call me now 866-312-5033 and phone sex me good!!!