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Hi guys, and welcome to the world of a naughty southern girl! I’ll be posting here all sorts of things about me and my wild sexual adventures. I am a full time phone sex girl so if you see something here that gets your cock hard why not pick up that phone and give me a call. It’s only $1.99 per minute discreetly charged to your major credit card. Who know you just might inspire me to write something here! Don’t forget to visit my web site at

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

HELP I am so Horny

OKAY guys its time that you started calling me.. I am horney and bored and I am killing Jamie..I have Jumped her everyother day, and the pizza guy and the FED EX Guy. I am thinking of calling for Chinese to be delivered now... Jamie has locked herself in the other room so she can get some rest.... For all the PHONE SEX guys who have called this week JAMIE says THANKS!!! Call Me I need to CUM isnt as much fun playing by myself. 866-312-5530

Monday, March 21, 2005

another wild weekend

Well the weekend was so slow with no PHONE SEX.. Jamie and I decided to shake it up a bit... We ventured out to this cool gay club to see the "drag show" ..All the ladies where so
HOT!! Our favorite looked like Barbie... We loved sitting and waiching everyone dance with eachother after the show If you looked closely you could see couples making out in verious dark corners..It was very Hot.. After that we where pretty tipsy those fruity drinks really sneak up on a girl { giggle}.
We headed to the local strip club Jamie had never been befor..We had so much fun tipping the girls and flirting with the hot Bouncer who let us in for free!! He would come over and tell us to settle down.. and run aginst us {grin} Well when the bar was closing the girls said we where such fun did we want to CUM hang out in the dressing room..We jumped at the chance to be in a room with a bunch of sexy girls... we the girls stripped from ther sexy outfits and put on there street clothes one by one drifting out till there was us and three of our favorite ladies left.. then the 2 bouncers came down with a bottle and shot glasses we sat around doing shots and flirting for a while ...Next thing someone was starting a game of strip spin the bottle... to make a long story short befor to long we where all naked and then the kissing started..first two of the girls kissed Jamie and me then we kissed eachother..the guys where kinda just hanging back waiting to se what was going to happen next....Let me just was one WILD WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call me I will tell you all the dirty details! 866-312-5530

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sultry Sunday

Hi guys I am trying to recoop today from the weekend..I had so many fun Phone Sex guys to call this weekend that I had to rest today....My hot pussy really needed the attain....Joey helped me on Monday after a hard day at school ..We played for 2 hours and really got off together JOEY!!!!! And on Tuesday my Bills called I love it when they do that call one after another like that..hehehe..I made some new friends too.
Phone Sex this week was great!!! My young wet pussy got a lot of attention. I love playing with my pussy while the guys jerk there cocks and I really love to hear it. ..why dont you guys who read this never call try it today...866-312-5530

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Its so slow and I am bored..

Ok guys its hard to have anything good to write in here if you arent calling me :(
I am a PHONE SEX girl and this is my Phone SEX blog and I dont have anything to write about if you dont call..... I have enjoyed my calls with DM in he is very sensual and hot..after talking to you on Thursday I had to go find Jamie and really get fucked cuz you had me so worked up. John did you really enjoy that sensual erotic blow job??? Ready for another?? I l9ove it I have 3 Bill's I got a call for PHONE SEX from one each day this past week....first the panty thief,how hot...the my southeren fuck buddy you where fun to play with damn those Bama boys!! Uh HU! And ofcourse there was daddy Bill who always plays really well with me or my best friend...hehehehe
Okay all you guys who love reading my blog..I will give you 5 minutes free if you call and ask for the 5 min sample...If you call once I know you will call again.. Shelby loves phone sex!!1 866-312-5530
CUM on and call so I will have lots of hot tales to write more often!!!
rember tomention the Blog special of a 5 minute sample!!