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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I just love oral exams

I have fiugered out how to get on well in the Ivy Leuge I have studied hard and done all the the work but when It just dosent seem to be enough I ask for a little extra credit... and when I give my Oral report I am sure to do VERY well... Call me for PHONE SEX FUN and get your own I am also very good at hands on call me and see...866-312-5530. billed discreatly as on line communications at 1.99 per minute with 10 minute minimum. I have to go pratce for an oral exam ...look forward to talking to you soon.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Honey I am so horney

I am a very bad girl today I am so hot and horney today I have laied on my couch and played with myself. The phone hasent rang today except for the guy I could hear wanking but he had no credit card. But its okay I cuz I just kept on playing. Today I am going to take Jamie some lunch at work..It will be a nice little nooner since I am so HORNEY today maybe it will hold me till my PHONE SEX guys call me . I love playing with my pussy while the PHONE SEX lovers listen. Do you want to be my PHONE SEX lover?? If so call me so I can play with my pussy for you.
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Kisses ,Shelby

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sorry have you missed me??

whew!1 back to school after spring break was tough..I had been up late playing every night and playing on the phone with all my sexy PHONE SEX friends that I havent had time to tell you about all aboutmy PHONE SEX adventures I started the week off with a big bang..literly.. My new friend W.E. we played 2 hours and had a very hot romp..and then Kevin stopped by and caught me with my hand all up in my pussy so he gave me a hand....and a FUCK befor Jamie got home.
My new friend Thomas and I did some role play I was his naughty nurse.I made an online hook up with my new friend Brian he loves PHONE SEX fucking with my strappy heels.
And of course my naughty Bill called me while he was out on a naughty nude adventure..Bill you naughty littel panty thief......I want you to pull on thosenipple clamps for me NOW!!!
Carl I love our RAUNCHY PHONE SEX!!!!!
This has been my the week of the Williams I got some new ones ,,and for the ones who didint call me and you know who you are...CALL SOON!!!!!!!! 866-312-5530
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring break fun

Hey its been tons of fun so far this week ....Jamie and I have been playing out in the fresh spring air and searching for som sexy hunks to run lotion on our backs...if they wouldnt be found we just rubbed lotion on eachothers backs.
I have been grilling out alot this past week I just love doing that and it never fails when I fire up the grill some Frat Boy cutie CUMs strolling over to investagate.. I always make sure thers plenty to eat..mmmmmm I cook up abunch of chicken ,steak and butgers...did you think I ment something else..You naughty boy!! Besides ist usually Jamie and I who are dessert..OH Yeah if you want dinner at my house you got to KISS THE COOK!!!!
Well I better get me some coffee and get this bueatiful day started . Why dont you call me today?? 866-312-5530 I would love to have PHONE SEX with you and tell you all about my sexy adventures during spring break. 866-312-5530
Heres a pic of Jamie and I hope you enjoy it

Friday, April 01, 2005

Wow!! I love being busy...let the calls keep CUMMING

For all you hot guys who have called me and keep me very wet all week thanks so much.. I am really enjoying having my fingers and other things in my dripping wet pussy altleast 2 times a day this week...and last night OMG I was getting off for 2 hours..every 10-15 mins my phone rang and I was back at that hot little box...And Joey (you know who you are) kisses DARLIN' thanks for the fun chat and the VERY HOT play session on Tues. I really do ENJOY or calls!!!
Carl honey I really enjoyed getting raunchy with you twice so far. I also want to give a sweet smile and wink to my new PHONE SEX fuck buddies Mark,Joseph,Allen and my long time PHONE FUCK lovers both my Bill's....THANKS for CUming to play with me!!
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