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Monday, May 30, 2005

Fun weekend in the big city...

Hi guys Jamie and I had such fun this weekend we went secret shopping at Bass Pro Shop we had such fun with the associates falling allover there selves to help us pick out a tent and sleeping bag. Ofcourse the fact tht we where wearing daisy duke cut off jean shorts and tub tops didnt hurt..
Then we went to eat lunch at TGIfridays and had some really sexy older man pay for our lunch...damn we really are hot arent we??

Then we had such fun making the rounds at the downtown porn shops we bought a cute little vibe toy and a DVD flick and some flavored condoms... I like vanilla and Jamie likes mint
we also went to the mall and bought some sexy PJs damn we look so hot in them....mmmmmmmm
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Friday, May 27, 2005

Just another a phone sex girls life

Well guys I really have had a boring week and I need some excitment..I dont have many PHONE SEX calls to tell you about this week.there was two great guys named Chris they where new and really love a good blow job. And also my phone sex regulars who I really love to chat with Peter my late night PHONE FUCK and David my afternoon delite and Bill who loves for me to be DADDY little girl.
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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Wild camping trip

I decided the best part about being a PHONE SEX girl is that my job is portable I forward my phone and can do PHONE SEX anywhere. This weekend I did calls in the deep woods while I was playing and having naughty fun.. Jamie and i went camping with two guys and 3 girls we know... And we had a total blast...there was lots of drinking, cooking, eating ,laughing and SEX (real sex and PHONE SEX)
Jamie and I spied Jim and JOHN right off Hot guys with sex bodys all but willing to set up our tent or share there camper ... so we hung our cooked ate drank and got a bit tippsy with the guys and 3 other girls Lisa,Karen and Le ann who where equally hot i might add... and it seemed that all through the night folks where drifiting off 2 at a time and then returning a bit later with naughty grins... Well not long after Leann and Jamie came back with big grins I had to go off in the wood s for a Pee we I turn around to see Jim with his tanned body blue eyes and blonde hair as I started to Zipp my jeans i felt his strong arms circle me and him start kissing the back of my neck..I could feel his cock getting hard as he pressed up aginst me....he turned me around and push me up aginst the tree as he kissed his way down my body peeling off my clothes as he went then i could feel his tounge circling at me clit and his finger probing at my dripping wet pussy...and just as we got started my cell rang and I was going to let it go he said oh no answer it please..So I did took down the info and got an aproval as he was teasing my body with his tound...when I returned to my caller he want me to tell him How I wanted him to fuck me so i started discribing how I wanted him to lick my pussy...Jim started following my instructions as if they where for him...and the more I moaned My caller moaned he wanted me to say his name as I told him to slide his tounge from my clit to my ass hole and as I told him and moaned OH Shawn Jim was doing every thing just as I was instructing I was moaning and grinding my cunt on his face then I told hime to slide his finger into my tight wet ass and I groaned and heard both men moaning I swear it was like having a three some...then as i discribed to Shawn how i wanted him to turn me around push me to the ground and slide his cock into my mouth for a minute pumping my face befor he slide his big cock into my tight wet dripping pussy..Jim never missed a stroke he did just as i instructed...mmmmm I let out a long deep moan as he entered me And shawn graned as I discribed just how it felt..not knowing that when i told him I could feel his thick hard cock fill me up..I really could feel it.mmmmm We all three moan groaned and exploded in fifteen heavenly minutes All three letting our a sigh of relief... AS I composed my self Jim returned to the group...It took me afew minutes to dust myself off and straighten my clothes..When I returned Jamie asked what took so long..grinning I answered I had a call... Jim looked at me and with an evil grin said..was it a good one?? I smiled back and said OH YEAH it was HOT!!! And Shawn hung up with the most realistic phone sex call he said he ever had I just giggled and said "I am good at what I do."

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Thw weekend is over ..back to my life

Well my weekend was a blast..I went home for the weekend to visit my Mama and got to hook up with some hot guys from my high school days..The captian of the baseball team and I took a late night walk down by the ball field and after a hot makeout session we ended up doing it doggy in the dug out!! Then on Saturday night I had a cheerleaders reunion slumber party and we really caught up on old times..mmmmmm Boy Cathy hasent changed a bit shes still the best of us all... that was one wild night and Mama only had to yell downstairs afew times for us to hush up... just like old times...we still enjoyed the lickty split ,
And the best part of the whole weekend other than mamas cooking and all the really hot sex was all the PHONE SEX I had , I played with naughty Uncle Mark, Jamie and I had a really hot romp in Wal Mart parking lot for my PHONE SEX guy Criag and he will be Cumming back for more oh yeah, I had a midnight phonesex roll with romantic sensual Don my sexy older fellow, David and I played some really naughty games several times last week i love the repeat cummers...uumm I mean callers
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Its Hump day again...

Well Its Hump day and I really need some real time action..I havent been laid in over a week ..since Nana came to visit..So tonight I am going to get me some somewhere..Look out Guys and Girls I am going prowling for a good FUCK!! I have had some great Phone sex fucks this past week .. My fave regular David we played the naughty nurse seducess the young boy that was an hours worth of really hot PHONE SEX and i really needed the release.
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