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Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend fun..and phone sex on the go...Truck stop sexcapades

Dont you just love going on a road trip in the summer?Thats the greatest perk of my PHONE SEX career I can forward my phone and go anywhere I want. I have done my phone sex thing anywhere and everywhere. OH yeah I have had a blast . This weekend we went on a little road trip.. and we really had a blast teasing the truckers ... I loved sucking Jamies nipples as the truckers drove by... If any of you guys are truckers that where on the hwys between Atlanta and Nashville this weekend ..Sorry for the hard on hope you enjoyed the show.. And for the sexy trucker with the nice ride who bought us dinner at O'Charleys in Manchester Tn..thanks for dinner..and the ride..Next time can we go down the road in that big rig of yours too? Oh I loved feeling him pounding me from behind while I ate Jamie's those trucks really have some big bunks in them dont they?
I know my Phone sex guys are thankful that I have my trusty cell phone that way they didnt miss out on my phone sex specialty while I was out running the roads . And for those who didnt call me this weekend ..thats okay honey call me today...866-312-5530 and when you do ask me about my road trip and I will give ya 5.00 off any calls 15 minutes or more..You must say you read about my road trip in my blog or else I am gonna think your a stalker and hang up okay!! remember to check out my pics at and I love emails and if you get on my email list I send out special deals all the email me today...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wild weekend another bunch of good times and wild sex

Well lets see where should I start... Jamie and I went out to dinner and as a whim we decided to get all slutted up I wore a jean halter and a pair of skin tight capries and fuck me heels Jami has a tight v necked belly shirt and skin tight jeans and boots. Well we went slumming to a local hole in the wall..we where really having a ball dancing and cutting up..hey when your the prettiest girls in the place the guys really pay attion..and afew of the girls too. Well in walks two very hot guys who catch our eye and we grin at eachother slyly "tag team" foursome style.. We lay our trap with chit chat and flirting..we think there both hot so we let the guys decide who wants who but we really know we'll both get our shot with each befor the night is over. Well between the dancing flirting and ovious attraction we had a blast...when the night was coming to an end the guys walked us out and Mark the older one mmm 48 and really into me said okay ladies its time to put the cards on the table we really want to take you somewhere and fuck you... Jamie grinned big at Shannon 34 ( yes we love older men) and said follow us boys... we drove down to the local motel where we already had a romm reserved... and it only had one bed...giggle before we could get into the room we where peeling off clothes and kissing the time the door was open Mark had me naked and had my tits in his mouth oh my good I love older me the sex is so fucking hot.... as rushed as it all started it tappered off to a sexy slow pacehe touched me in places that younger guys never dreamed of... and Jamie said Shannon was equally as good so we decided to swap.... anhd the next timg I knew we where all together licking sucking and fucking in a big pile...mmmm the next thing I knew it was 8 am and we where exausted..ohhh what a good hot fuck fest it was.... Want to know more why dont you call me for a hot phone sex story to stroke to.. I love phone sex and love to tell all my naughty adventures..
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Friday, June 17, 2005

Loning in the sun....

Sorry guys I havent updated since my birthday... the phones have been so slow so with very little PHONE SEX action I had to get out and do some naughty stuff. Naughty girls just have to be naughty you know. I have been going to the public pool this past 2 weeks because there is this hunky lifegaurd I have my eye on and I am hoping to have more than that on him soon. I always lay right under his gaurd station... and when I am laying on my back... with one knee up in the air and I am rubbing coconut sented oil on my thighs just sorta mindlessly gently running my small hands down the inside of my smooth fleshy thighs... mmmmm its making me wet just typing about it.. I peek over my sunglasses and see him trying to glance over without being ovious and I grin slyly as I brush my finger tips just under the tight elastic of bikini bottoms..and I moan ever so softly but I kow he hears me and then I roll over onto my belly with my hand undernieth me parting my leggs just so and ever so discreetly rub my wet pussy as the sun beats down between my leggs... the I hear as my hunky life garud blows his whistle and yells swim break for everyone to come out of the pool and he goes off to the life garud room .... I think tomrrow I am going to follow him and see if there is anything I can help him out with
Well if you want to find out how my tale ends you have to call me for some Naughty PHONE SEX soon.... I will be waiting.. its probably best if you call later in the day I may be getting afew privite lessons from my sexy life gaurd if you call while the sun is still high... Call me soon... till then rub that cock for me..then call and tell me all about it..... Shelby 866-312-5530

Friday, June 10, 2005

Whew I just recovered from my birthday...and ready for another weekend of FUN!!

Hey guys its been a wild week tryig to catch things up from last weekend ..I took it off so if you tried to call I was off getting birthday nookie.. I did miss my PHONE SEX lovers though..but I am happy to be home. And it was like a radar my phone started ringing Monday when i got home and actually I had a call every hour for 9 hours ..... and after all the wonderful Real time sex Jamie and I all weekend my Phone sex wore me out..... I did get a bit of a break Wednesday ...I hate to say I had almost had too much sex in four days.
Now for all my thank you's.. To John and Shannon Jamie and I say if ya'll ever get up our way... CUM round and well get thrown out of another hotel pool together.. just next time make sure we bring some clothes.
And for Jessie and Lana that we met in the park...ladies we have your undies CUM over to get them any time your up for round two... And for that hot waiter at Ruth Chris' steak house that kept refilling our wine glasses all night and got all hot and bothered as Jamie and I shared out creme brulee... when you get your nerve up we wrote our phonre number on that 50.00 we paid our check with...if you missed it its your loss...sorry about your luck.
And I want to send a special special THANK YOU so very much to Pete you knkow who you are... I LOVED my birthday gift...Phoneman you rock~~ French kisses just to you!!!!
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