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Hi guys, and welcome to the world of a naughty southern girl! I’ll be posting here all sorts of things about me and my wild sexual adventures. I am a full time phone sex girl so if you see something here that gets your cock hard why not pick up that phone and give me a call. It’s only $1.99 per minute discreetly charged to your major credit card. Who know you just might inspire me to write something here! Don’t forget to visit my web site at

Monday, August 29, 2005

Fun in the sheets..on the train and anywhere I can get it..

I have had such crazy fun since I came back to school. Last week I had a quickie with a guy from my Eco class in the ladies room in quad 4. He wanted to borrow my notes from class and I needed to suck his cock..okay I know its bad but I so had a good time being his cum slut for 10 minutes.
My sister had he baby this past week and I had to drive to Tenneessee. It was hard for me to get all my assignments from the professors but after 3 hours, one anal fuck ,2 up aginst the wall fucks and 3really hot blow jobs..I have all my work for those days..with A's. I know thats not the best way to get good grades but I felt I was using my mind as well as my assets.
My hot senior Ken in Fl has called me ever few days for a quickie. I had a sunday afternoon romp with Tom who wanted to role play. And there was Micheal a new guy who I really had a blast with as well. I am getting very excited because my summer slump is picking up which means more phone sex fun for me!!!!!!
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Monday, August 22, 2005

I was a bad girl

This weekend the phone sex was very slow so I decided to go get a bit wild..Well Jamie and I where really naughty . We got all dolled up and went to the local dive and hung out. When we got there I didn't know it but Jaime told a guy we know name Charlie we where looking for dick tonight and he just might be the one.
Now I have to say we have been teasing this guy for some time now. We'd make comments about how long its been and how we need some dick. Every time we would see him. And Jaime loved to tell him ..You Know Shelby loves phone sex. You should hear her talk dirty for money.
Well Back to Saturday night. Ever time Charlie would come around he would kiss me and kiss Jaime. He would make eyes at us and vice versa across the room at eachother all night. Then one time I let him lead me outside behind the bar. He asked so you gonna let me get with you tonight. I told him that Jaime and I have a fantasy... I want the illusion that its me fucking her.. I explained how I would straddle her with our bare pussied rubbing against eachother while he slide up behind me and slid his dick inside her and we would both be fucking her..He said okay.
Well as the night went on Jaime got very drunk and about 2 am I told Charlie it was time to go.
He helped me get her to the car and he drove us home as Jaime and I made out in the back seat.
When we got home I fixed everyone a drink..Charlie Sat down on the chair as I first undressed Jaime and and then got myself down to the bra and panty set we had bough for the occasion.
Then I licked and sucked Jamies sweet pussy while Charlie watched..When I pulled myself up and positioned myself on top of her Charlie knew what he was to do and he did just as I had instructed..He slid his cock into Jaime and moved in time with my motion so to apear that his cock was my own.. I'd like to say that we did this for hours but truthfully the whole scene was so erotic with in 15-20 minutes we where all exploding into great waves of orgasms..ofcourse after a brief rest and afew phone sex calls (well actually Jaime and Charlie where bucking in the other room as I was getting off on the phone) I let Charlie have my tight wet pussy..He said it was well worth the wait :) Hey real sex is pretty fucking hot too!! But Phone sex is still very hot for me!!!
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Friday, August 19, 2005

Naughty me...and my phone sex fun

Wow this week my phone sex calls have been like honey..slow and sweet..just dripping like my pussy when I get so turned on. I would get a call get all worked up then afew hours later i'd get another phone sex hottie..who wanted to fuck me hard and make me his sex toy...and Id be all heated up again.mmmmm I have had some really fun phone sex adventures Dave thanks for the call and I am glad you took advantage of my 5 minutes free ( 10 minutes paid) blog special... if you read this leave a comment on weather you think it was worth the 20.00 .So maybe some of these shy guys will call me and get a phone sex fantasy of there own.
Well Jamie is waiting for me in the bed so I think I will go get some real time pussy licking happening... and maybe I will get a HONE SEX call while were at it Jamie loves to eat me while I am talking makes my orgasam so much better *giggle* call for you own Stress relief tonight 866-312-5530
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Friday, August 12, 2005

Ready for some weekend phone sex

I have decided I am just exausted this week... getting ready to start classes on Monday so I am staying home to have wild hot and dirty PHONE SEX all weekend... I cant wait to see who calls me this weekend... I have heard for some of my regular callers the past week..Ken in Fl..BA hes always so fun But I missed my daddy "bill" I cant wait to be his little girl .. and "Tom" emailed and said he was going to call maybe on Sunday..I cant wait.
This week I really have had some nasty guys calling me with hard cocks. "Chris" so enjoyed his experiance listening to me and my "little sis" Jamie as we fucked and sucked . "Dennis" had me being a very bad girl listening to all his tales of family fun with his mama and sister. Just to mention afew if i have left you out..send me an email and tell me to talk about our naughty fantasys so you can strok it while you read them..* giggle*
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Monday, August 08, 2005

Phone sex fun..age play and family

This weekend has been such fun with phone sex ever hour I was daddys girl little girl or uncle Bernie's slut,Mike made me the nieghborhood fuck toy he taught me not to be a cock tease anymore,,, well not unless I wanted to be gang fucked again. I am such a naughty phone sex girl..and its so much fun!!! So if you feeling like playing with a little girl today give me a call. 866-312-5530

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Back to school .. and phone sex fun

Oh my I have spent the past two weeks getting all my good byes said before going back to GA and school. I must say some of those goodbyes where so hot and intense. Like having to say goodbye to Wayne... He Jamie and I really had this total intense connection last night. he kept teasing us that he wanted to watch so we told him okay but just watch.. We where really into it licking and sucking eachother when we stopped and walked over to and got Wayne and brought him to our bed... I really wanted to watch Jamie fuck him while she licked my pussy. OMG seeing her ride his cock made me so fucking hot... I decided I wanted her to have an ultamate fantasy.. I layed her down climbed on top of her so our pussies where rubbing together as he slid his cock into her as he pumped in and out of her I rocked my hips riding her I could feel the orgasm building between us till we exploded in such a hot wet throbbing pile before we cuddled up and went to sleep..To bad it was all a PHONE SEX fantasy or was it?