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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Good morning fellows

First let me say Thanks for voting Dan I sent you a "pretty" in your email. Please make sure you leave a comment here so maybe some of these horny men will give me a try. Today I am up early as usual just sipping coffee and getting all my Phone Sex work done as well as the finishing touches for a paper due today. I am hoping for a good grade. I just love ORAL reports. And if I don't get the grade I feel it deserves I will go negotiate a better one with the professor..I am sure I can work something out. Well its almost 5 am her so I am going to get my coffee finished start some laundry and do my morning work out (aerobics silly what where you thinking?) before my class. I only have 2 today one from 8-9 and one from 2:30-5 so if you get horny call if I miss you leave me a message-312-5530 and don't forget to vote. And for all you lurkers you really should give it a try it will be worth the 10 minute minimum wont it Dan? Your nolonger a lurker your my phone fun lover. Kisses all~Shelby 866-312-5530

Monday, September 12, 2005

Dont you just love a lazy sunday?

My sunday was alot of fun..It started out with some really good sex and a hot PHONE SEX call. I always love it when a guy wakes me up on sunday morning with his dick in his hand ready to hear me get myself off..but when he wakes Jamie up too ..oh hell yeah. She loves to lick me while I am oh babing in some guys ear. And the lucky caller gets to hear some real girl girl action if he's lucky . Our weekend wasnt very exciting except for our sex and phone sex..which was exciting enough for me. I had alot of school work to get ready to turn in today so we didnt go out teasing the boys..I just stayed home and teased the hell out of them over the phone for money...and loved every phone sex minute of it. Well the coffees ready so i am going to run for now!! Afew things to remember..please vote for me everyday :) from my site..both buttons PSC and PSbabes . (send the voters code and I will send you a pic) email: ..please and Call me soon!!! 866-312-5530

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a special deal to celeabrate my 1st year as a Phone sex girl

I haven't had a special in a good long time so I think it is time..And since this is my one year PHONE SEX anniversary I am giving you 2 you can choose one or you can do them both. First I will give you 30 minutes for 50.00 (you must mention this special) And the second one is I will give you 5 free minutes (up to 3 per week) to a paid call of 10 minutes... if you vote for me on PHONE SEX CENTRAL from my web page and send me the code (or give it to me via phone) and for the guy(s) who votes once a day for 30 days I will give 15 minutes for if you spend afew seconds a day voting and keep up with the codes and email me with them prior to Oct. 7Th I will give you a free call no paid call required. Hows that for application. And you cant try to cheat cuz I will know if you do or don't must follow through not just get the code.
Well I am off to take a shower....
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are you ready for some football?

It's football time again and also time for me to be gang banged totally and completely this season. I'm going to the tryouts to see just what kind of guys I will get to fuck this horny coed. Oh my goodness!! You should see the huge cocks some of these guys have and just think I can have all of them, big or little, in my mouth, ass or pussy. I love having them all cumming all over me after the games or before and the ones in the dugout taking me right there during the game. Oh how exciting this season is going to be!! I'm going to be getting so much cock and so much cum in and all over me. They will come over to our house to have their football BBQ's or to watch a game and I will also get a lot of gang banging there also. This pussy needs lots of hard throbbing cocks to pleasure her...and to make her feel good it just has to be a session of gang banging!!!
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hope your Holiday was fun..mine was

Well I had a really great weekend glad it was long cuz it took me till today to catch up on my rest..well not really I still got laid last night..Jamie loves to eat my pussy while I am having PHONE Bill when you asked if i was really getting off..Oh Honey yes I was :)
This Sunday we had a house full of hotties there was Jessica,Natile, Gloria , Lita,Hope and ofcourse Jamie and myself.. Poor Lonnie and Andy they where the only guys in site....but they didnt mind all the girl girl action going on ..Giggle*
I had a few really hot phone sex calls as well. David I really enjoyed being "daddys girl " for you.John did you enjoy how naughty I was ..I wish you could feel how wet my pussy got having phone sex with you. Jeff did you enjoy that phone sex blow job? I sure did it made me want to go find me a cock to fuck my face real time.
I hope everyone got laid one way or anothereither real time or via phone sex this holiday weekend..if not why dont you call me and let me relieve abit of stress for you..866-312-5530
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