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Hi guys, and welcome to the world of a naughty southern girl! I’ll be posting here all sorts of things about me and my wild sexual adventures. I am a full time phone sex girl so if you see something here that gets your cock hard why not pick up that phone and give me a call. It’s only $1.99 per minute discreetly charged to your major credit card. Who know you just might inspire me to write something here! Don’t forget to visit my web site at

Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Monday

Hello all my phone sex buddies. Hope you all had a nice weekend I did and now its time to get back to work..oh thats right I work all the time I forget because phone sex isnt like work some times expecially when I have guys like Mike, Phil,Chris and Norbert calling me getting me all worked up and ready to play. Guys thanks for the calls and Norbert thanks for voting... this is the last day for the 30 minutes for 30.oo special so CUM on guys take advantage.. and for you skeptics I have a special offer for you.....
Who says you can't get something for nothing??
I want you to try me for 3 minutes for free..... That's right I will phone fuck you for free for 3 minutes.. (regular rates will apply after the 3 minutes as well as 10 minute minimum ...billing info required & will be asked for up front) I am so sure that I can make you so rock hard that you'll want to fuck me all night long (or at least longer than 3 minutes) I will give it to you for FREE yes boys I said Free you wont be billed if you hang up with in 3 minutes (not counting time it takes to get your billing info) so what's your desire, age play, incest, submissive, bondage, role play, anal, oral, k9, panty play, foot, heel and stocking fetishes.. what every you like!! Call Shelby 866-312-5530

So guys what have you got to lose???
Give me a try

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Phone sex is so fun

I had such a good time with NJ yesterday it was his first phone sex call and we really got into it to the point that I was sweating "phone sex " is very interactive at times And then ofcourse there was CV who had an awsom fantasy of me forcing him to suck cock and take it up the ass..mmmm that made me wet.
Ofcoures we cant forget to mention my regulars CA..thanks for the fantsy role play I hope you injoyed it as much as I did. And PH you left me hanging with that phone call...I was just getting into you call again soon and we will continue where we left off.
Do you want to be the lucky guy I mention in my blog next?? Then you know what to do Just make the call!!! I will be waiting!!!
.~ kisses~
Shelby 866-312-5530

Friday, January 27, 2006

End of the month special..CUM take advantage

Hey Sexy!!
Are you ready to play with me? Well if so why dont you give me a ring within the next 4 days and get 30 minutes for only 30.00 (special ends at 10pm Monday Jan 31st)
I am waiting to play any of your favorite fantasys or maybe we can come up with a new one together...I know you miss me we havent talked in a good long what do you say ? You want to get hot and bothered with me till we both cream?
I miss you!~ Shelby~
and are you remembering to vote for me? I really love it when you do.....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just another naughty day for me.....

Yesterday was so much fun i tormented my English Lit professor... just say short skirt, knee high boots and no panties..giggle. he is about 80 and I swear at one point I was going to give him a heart attack. What fun... expecially when I started rubbing myself and he kept stammoring during the lecture..bad girl bad girl LOL Oh well. want me to teas you today? Then call me and we can play 866-312-5530

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

its getting hot in here help me take off all my clothes

Its cold outside but I am nice and warm inside...I love to talk dirty and play on the you like sweet young voices wna slow southern drawls? Does it make you hard to make a girl moan? I am the girl for you and i do more than moan into the phone...I make you feel it!!
Phone sex at its BEST ask for Shelby and tell me you found me on my blog for 5.00 off of 15 minutes paid.
2.00 per minute with a 10 minute minimum Phone sex play mate Shelby 866-312-5530

Monday, January 23, 2006

Just sitting here watching it rain....

Its a very wet rainy day here..and kinda cold too so i am sitting here all bored and alone hoping my phone will ring soon so I can play..ofcourse my favorite play mate Wilson is off somewhere working today and if he calles me it will be in the wee hours of the night..but I need some satisfaction if your reading this and your feeling horney then give me a call i am sure we will both enjoy some hot phone sex fun....866-312-5530

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th and I am in a naughty mood.

Well my Friday the 13th has started off with a big bang thanks to Wilson my favorite Steelman turned bussinessman.An hour full of his erotic husky voice made so wet and hot I swear every time this man calls I get so wet from Hello..Thanks Wilson honey..I have missed you next time dont make me wait so long to play our naughty games.
Would you like to play naughty games with me? If so just give me a call 866-312-5530 I love all the dirty games that most girls don't..expecially extreme age play...If I can call you "daddy" I will CUM twice as hard. Or Just call me and let me tell you how muchI like it from behind and in the ass. I am ready and willing to play all the dirty things your girlfriend wont. And Just to make it intersting I will give anyone who calls this weekend 1/13-1/16 ( since Monday is a holiday) and mention this Blog special and I will give you 5 minutes free...with a piad 10 minute call. 15 minutes for 20.00 and for you long haul guys know who you are I will give you 10 minutes for anything over 30 thats 40 minutes for 60.00. Just ask for the Friday the 13th special. Kisses~ Shelby
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Monday, January 09, 2006

weekend full of fun....

Well Jamie and I went out this weekend with the "girls" and honey did we have a blast ..we all danced and drank till the wee hours of the morning then we did what all good girls do after a night of parting and early morning meal at the waffle house...we came home and fucked..giggle. I finally got my grove on with 3 girls at once..and let me tell you all pussy isnt alike..they are like snow flakes honey and I love to make them melt. There was all kind of pussy in our house this weekend. It was great. But Sunday it was back to normal we where outside raking our yard in our tight yoga pants and t shirts..driving all the old men on our street crazy. Life is good. Well i better get ready for class....bye for now!! please remamber to vote for mwe this week so i can move my banner up on PSC . Click the phone sex centeral link from my web page if you want to know what this weeks discount and specials are please email me at or just call 866-312-5530

Monday, January 02, 2006

lets pretend and a special offer

Lets pretend that you are the sexy guy next door and I am the young hottie that you cant seem to stop staring at...I have sleek leggs that go from the floor to my ass.. A tight flat tummy and curvy hips and ass that just drives you wild when you see me waiting at the bus stop every morning as you drive off to work. I come over to bring you a casserole my mom made for you and tell you she said if you needed anything just let us know and welcome to the nieghborhood. You invite me in for a glass of tea...and as your showing me around our arms brush eachother ...electricty creeps up your spine you feel your cock getting hard........... Want more?? Call Shelby phone sex fantasys for the wanting and ready 866-312-5530... 10 minute minimum 20.l00... January special 1.00 per minute after the first 10that is like 30 minutes for 40.00 you cant beat that.
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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New year...

Check out these fun links out...
I hope everyone had a great holiday... I did. I am so looking forward to getting back to work and to school. I have had afe really hot calls this past week James I am ready to be "daddy's good little princess".
John I want you to know Jamie loves you now because we had such hot sex thanks to your hot fantsy.
Call me again soon.... 866-312-5530