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Thursday, April 27, 2006

heres a sexy story I wrote

My big brother is the greatest brother in the world no girl could have a brother any more handsome or nice as mine....
I remember him pushing me on the swings.. he rubbed my back as he made me feel good I am not sure how old I was but I was younger than my brother. He was always protecting me from the bigger kids and he was cool because he let me hang out with him and his buddys alot..he never called me his bratty kid sister like some brothers do. I guess i must have had a crush on him because I really hated it when the girls would flirt with him. I would always run them off by being a brat because as soon as one of these girls said let take you kid sister home and go hang out he would dump them.. As I got older my feelings for my brother have grown. The site of him makes me wet is that a bad thing? Should I not touch myself at night in my bed and pretend it is him?Maybe If you call me and pretend to be my big brothr I can get some relief..if not I think I might be a bad girl one day..please help me... remember to give me a call soon and help me with my problem 866-312-5530
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